The Bearwood Oscars

After watching our amazing films we were all delighted to find that we had all won an Oscar.

We all felt really proud.

A big thank you to Mr Meally for helping us to edit our film.


My Amazing Bomb! by Aneesha

I made a bomb from World WarII using paper mache with my mum.  On top of it we put the German Swastika sign made by Adolf Hitler.  I also had to find out about what the bombs looked like, how they were used and what they were made of.  I really enjoyed making my bomb with paper mache although it was a huge challenge for me.  We thought of different ideas before we decided to make a bomb.  It was mostly exciting when we got the chance to design and paint it.  Ithink that I did a fantastic job.

Do you like my bomb?

My bike by Saadh

I like playing on my bike because in Warley woods when I am tired of climbing the hill, I can ride up the hill. When I am at the top of the hill I sit on my bike and ride down fast. In Warley woods there are lots of things you can do well like walking your dog, have a picnic, go on the swings, go on the slides, and a big tire swing and the best of them all, going on an adventure.
In Warley woods we had a picnic. My sisters and me were bored so we decide to go on an adventure. So we went on an adventure. We walked and walked and we came to a place with loads of maps saying something on it. They all had skulls on them. We walked and walked and found a little hill that we needed to climb so we can keep on going but sadly our dad came telling us to come back. How boring!


We have been working as a class to create music…

Can you sing along with us?