Good Bye Year 4 Teacher!

It has been the best year so far after all the learning  we did, it is all coming to the end.  All the teachers are great but  I am tallking about Mrs Daniels the best year 4 teacher. The old year 4 just want to say good bye and good luck.

Time for year 5! By Sian and Aneesha

Over the past few days we have looked at what year five is like.Although we have not had Miss Gaze, Mrs Daniels has tried her best to entertain us.  We are learning where everthing is and the teachers are organising the classroom to make it look it’s best for after the holidays.

We are very excited to meet our new teacher and to learn more amazing things.  We are ready for year 5 as we are now settled in.


year 4

When I was in year 4 I was in Miss  Pereira’s class. We went on amazing trips and visit’s. My favourite trip was the West Midland’s Safari Park. We learnt a lot of things. I wish I could go on the trips again and have all of my old teacher’s teaching again. We made 4 or 5 stories. We learnt a lot of different skills.

By Navdeep


Today I went to Smethwick Library to return some books.I got these books from the library: Sapphire Battersea by Jacqueline Wilson,Hetty Feather by Jacqueline Wilson,Dustbin Baby by Jacqueline Wilson,The Longest Whale Song by Jacqueline Wilson,The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary by Jeff Kinney and Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw.My mum got her favourite book,Arabian Nights:Tales From The Thousand And One Nights.Diary of a Wimpy Kid is my favourite film.The movie of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days is in the cinemas now and my mum’s friend gave us some money for me to watch it.Diary of a Wimpy Kid is my favourite thing ever.I also did the Summer Reading Challenge in the library.

Goal Scorers of the Week

The lion roared, “Now my friends gather around me. I’ve got a plan”.

All the animals gathered closely towards the lion.  The lion whispered the plan.

By Obaid

Well done for editing your writing to put in fantastic punctuation.


“Now my crew gather round me.  I’ve got a plan,” spoke the lion slowly. All the animals gathered closely towards the lion to hear his plan.

“When my beautiful, orange tail goes up that means we are winning the battle.  If my tail goes down that means we have for the first time been defeated by those ugly insects and run for your life, ” explained the lion.

Suddenly, in the bushes there was a bee listening to their plan but the suspicious bee flew away to tell his General all about their plan.   The bee was very, very sneaky .When the General heard about their plan he was so furious. 

By Simran

Great use of paragraphs today Simran


The Clever Monkey

Once in a scorching, windy desert lived a monkey.  He lived up in a bright, green tree.   He was listening to his two friends called The Cats .They came across a delicious, succulent cheese. They were arguing about  who would slice the cheese.


By Mike

Great describing today Mike

The Safari Park by Navdeep and Rahim

On the 28th of June year 4 went to the West Midlands safari park. It was really fun. We saw all of the animals. The lions were fierce, the snakes were hissing and the hippos were too loud! The meerkat’s were checking if anything was there! The lemurs were as high as a squirrel could be in a tree! They jumped from tree to tree! We saw lion’s and white lion’s but they were too fierce!


Goal Scorer of the Week 02.07.2012

There once was a little girl who lived in a small village in Africa. This little girl had a secret talent which was picking the sweetest, most luscious fruit that had ever been picked. Her plums were the sweetest plums that had ever been tasted; her oranges were the juiciest oranges that anybody had seen. Everybody wanted to know what her secret was but she never told them.

Sawaira 4P