4D’s chocolate surveys

4D are working in groups to research, design and make their own chocolate product to sell.

They’ve created surveys to carry out market research they’d like anyone and everyone to complete so they can begin their designs.

Please follow the links to complete these surveys. Thank you!

Adam, Bisma and Gurdaya’s survey

Tyler, Aisha and Zain’s survey

Atiyah, Kaif and Amman’s survey

Issac, Saira and Sehar’s survey

Luka, Sara and Hasti’s survey

Mathilda, Riham and Miguel’s survey

Nathan, Ireena and Anzalna’s survey

Yusuf, Fatima and Mohammed’s survey

Zainab, Fabian and Ocean’s survey

Skye, Jamie and Jagpreet’s survey


World Book Day – 7th March 2019

World Book Day is just around the corner and we’re all getting excited for all the fun we’ll have!

If you’re stuck for ideas on what book character to dress up as, the World Book Day website has some great suggestions that you can look at HERE.

You can also see some of the amazing costumes children dress up in last year by going HERE.

We can’t wait!

Half Term Challenge

Evie has challenged you all to get fit this half term with her own daily workout plan. If you manage to do this everyday and can prove it, Evie has promised she will make you a fancy certificate. 

Star Jumps 15 seconds

Rest 5 seconds

Lunges 15 seconds

Rest 5 seconds

Mountain Climbers 15 seconds

Rest 5 seconds

Squats 15 seconds

Rest 5 seconds

Run on the spot 10 seconds/ Sprint 5 seconds