Trip to Dubai

In March 2007 I visited Dubai with my family.  We did a four day stopover in Dubai on our way to visit my family in Pakistan.  Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I was nearly 3 years old and went with my mum, dad, older brother and two older sisters.

I have some happy memories of this holiday and have watched all of the home-made videos.  We stayed in the Golden Sands arpartment.  We did lots of exciting activites like an open top bus tour, visiting Dubai museum and the local zoo.  Dubai is a very hot, humid and sandy country.  We had a sandstorm while we were on the bus tour and had to go down to the bottom level for shelter.

My favourite bits were taking a boat ride in a traditional, wooden Arab boat and spending a whole day on Jumeira Beach which has beautiful white sand.  Saturday is  ladies and kids only day on Jumeira Beach, no men allowed!

Dubai is different to our country as it is an Islamic country and you will see lots of people in muslim dress, all the food is halal & it is illegal to sell or buy alcohol.  It is a beautiful country full of date palm trees and amazing shopping centres.  Some shopping centres are so huge, that it feels like you are visiting a small town.  One shopping centre even had an indoor ski slope!

This was an amazing experience & I would like to visit Dubai again soon and maybe do a camel and jeep ride on the sand dunes.(:



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