All about Skeletons

Inside our bodies we have things like the heart, lungs and bones. Without bones you can’t  do anything like walking. In our bodies we have 206 bones,  the smallest bone is inside your ear and your biggest bone is inside your thighs. Some of your bones are joined together. When you break a bone it will hurt lots there are ways to break a bone like falling over especially playing sports or if you jump very high and you land in a incorrect position. Inside your head there is a skull or you can call it a cranium. If you hold your ribs inside your body you can feel it. A skeleton is made out of bones.  A skeleton is an inner part of your body which helps you stay strong, healthy and stops most injuries. It is for protection and is used to keep you healthy. The skeleton moves a lot although  it is very tough you can still bend bones this is because we have parts of your body which are called joints. These are like hinges in a door and let you move your bones in different ways. Joints are very similar and look like a screw . We need a skeleton for protection and to help keep healthy. They allow blood to pass more easily and if you fall they can stop injuries hurting as bad. Without skeletons we would not be able to be flexible or take any risks like running or you could die because nothing can protect you from the damage if you do fall even lightly!


by Navandeep

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  1. Wow Navandeep! You have discovered why we have a skeleton? Do you think animals need a skeleton? If so, do they need a skeleton for the same reasons as a human?

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