Staying safe around electricity

This afternoon, we were learning how to stay safe around electricity. We had to make notes using only pictures and symbols to help us. It was a challenge but we enjoyed it. We then had to learn from each other.

What did you learn about staying safe around electricity?




What will make a circuit work?

This afternoon, year 4 wanted to investigate how to make a circuit work. We used lots of different components to see if the different circuits would work and we had to work out why it wouldn’t work.

What did we learn in today’s lesson?



Children in Need

Today we came in spots to raise money for Children in Need. Thank you to everyone who bought in money today. Your money will be appreciated.


Art gallery by Faizaan and Gary


In our assembly hall we had an art gallery we went around telling people about our art. We showed all the parents  our art and after that y3 and y5 came and we showed them our art work too .We showed them what we wrote in our iPads which were our explanation texts and then we showed the pictures in our art gallery. We showed them our fish,waves and star fish using acrylic, pointillism and collage.

We even showed  them our boxes that we made at home to show our underwater settings.

My half term holiday! By India.

Over the half term, I went to my best friend’s (Mariam’s) birthday party. I had been looking forward to it all week, it was on Sunday 27th October.

I loved it, my other friend (Samantha) came. We played games such as pass the parcel, musical statues and  others.

Mariam blew out her nine candles, cut the cake – which was delicious! Finally she opened her presents, I hoped she liked mine.

We danced to some music, then it was time to pack up. We left at around 9:oo pm. I had a great evening.

My favourite part of the day was when we played the games I didn’t win any prizes but I enjoyed it. I gave Mariam a necklace meaning friends, a diary, a pen that lights up and a friends symbol.



What I did on my holiday


On Saturday I went to Glasgow it was 5 hours on the coach . Yes that is a long time but it was worth it  . The coach dropped us off at  Celtic park ( Celtic  is the football team I support and Celtic park is there football ground ).  We drew 1-1 for Celtic Charlie Mulgreu . When we got back to the hotel at about 9:30 we were pretty tired so we went to bed about 10:30 .


on Sunday we were very busy  so we got up at 7:00 so we could have breakfast . We had to go at 9:00 (AM) . We got stuck in lots and I mean lots of traffic so instead of 5 hours it took 7 🙁 !


The Most Exciting Trip Ever: THINK TANK


On Friday me and my class went to the Think Tank. I was the first one on the coach and I carefully climbed onto the top of the stairs because the stairs were so narrow, I thought I would fall off.

 It was very noisy because everyone was excited about the Think Tank and what cool things their might be in there. I thought there would be some electrical powered robots and when you press the buttons, they would  do lots of different poses.

The best part on the coach was when it went into a tunnel and everyone started screaming! Also when I pressed the light button on the ceiling of the coach, everyone’s light behind me flashed on. Sadly I was only one seat in front of the back !

 Once we got there it was a DREAM. There was a water fountain on both sides left and right! As I walked into my dream I could see lots of electronical gadgets with buttons and levers and all kind’s of lots of odd stuff, you would see in a museum. The instructor told us that we have to put our bags on the right trolley or we would be going home with no bag. (I did not actually listen to that part because I was astonished by the gadgets), but its a good job my friend told me what she said!

 The first part we went to was the top of the museum. It was the most best view from the whole of the museum. Just as I blinked I saw like 200 gallons of water falling from a giant bucket. It was so big that I could not believe my eyes.

 Then I approached another room where you have a little job to do. I had to put a really hard lever around and around onto a gadget. Then my other friends had to make sure the iron temperature was just right, not to cold or too hot. The final job was pushing the button really fast.

Next  it was time for lunch (finally!) I ate some  cheese sandwiches, aero bubbles and a chocolate cake bar. I shared most of my food with my friends but really I had the best part of it.

Before long  it was the end of lunch, I went to wash my hands and just as I put my hand under the tap, I could see that all of the sink was covered in water. I got so shocked that I jumped really high! I quickly put my hand under the dryer, without realising that the dryer was facing my face and that was the end of that!

Soon after we travelled to a wonderful place were there was this digger. You have to control the digger by moving the right levers. If you pick up lots of balls, you are likely to make most of the balls fall out. I got ten balls and nine fell out so I only had one.

Finally it was the part I was waiting for, THE THEATRE. The other instructor Laurence explained to us some very interesting facts:

  • Electricity always travels DOWN
  • Electricity will take the best shortcuts
  • Electricity is dangerous
  • You can very easily get an electrical shock
  • To keep safe around electricity try wearing rubber boots
  • A plasma ball is very dangerous for children

       This was the most fabulous trip ever!




Half term holiday

I had a lot of fun on my holiday because I went to the cinema to watch Turbo. It was about a snail who wanted to be a racer. But then he landed on a race car and he fell inside. The person who was riding inside was losing so he used N2O (Nitro) to go faster. Where the snail was so he got faster. Then I went to a sleepover  and had lots of fun. The last thing I did  was go to an Indian restaurant called purnima. The food was excellent.


What i did during Half Term week Hoilday

What I did in my week holiday. By Medinah

Monday I felt sick, this could probably been a virus my   brother passed onto me.  My Mom contacted the doctor’s surgery, who said they will see me today. The doctor told me to open my mouth and he checked my throat, it was hurting and burning so much, I wanted to cry. I had some disgusting medicine; one was a yellow colour and the other two where orange and pink. I loved the Linctus medicine the best because it tasted sweet and scrumptious.


Another day in bed, I was feeling very poorly and hungry, because I couldn’t swallow any food. The smell from my mom’s cooking made me very hungry. I sat in bed watching my DVDs. I watched ‘RIO’ and ‘Horton Hears a who’. I read my books; my favourite book is Horrid Henry.


I felt a little better and I asked if I could have some food. The first thing I ate was fish fingers and peas; it was so delicious my mouth was watery.  At night time I couldn’t sleep because the neighbours kept setting off fireworks. So I started to read some more books. I read Captain Underpants; I was laughing so much my dad said “why are you laughing, “What is so funny.” My dad then stayed in the room and I read to him. My dad then read the book to me and I fell asleep.


I felt much better, finally I was all better, I came downstairs and only Kofi was awake.  We made peanut butter sandwiches and grapes. Then I went to the theme park I went in the mega mansion it was spooky, scary and fun. I couldn’t stop laughing because I was so happy that I was feeling better and that I go to go out in the fresh air. Then when I got home I had to have some of that horrible medicine again.


I had such a great time I went shopping for a birthday present for my cousin who will be 6 years old. We bought millions of Moshi Monster toys. We shopped and shopped for ages for about 5 hours just looking at toys and books. I found a huge tarantula for my cousin brother and some drawing artist books for my cousin sisters. They love to draw animals and houses. I went into Greggs; I was so hungry because of all the walking around in the shops. I bought a cheese and onion pasty. It was so nice and hot, I enjoyed every bite.


Party Day I was so excited it was my cousin Saara birthday party today. I know I will spend time with her sisters and brothers. Her baby brother is only 4 months old and is very cute. I get to hold him and play with him. He tries to pull my hair when his very excited. We ran up and down the house chasing each other for hours, my Aunty lives in a huge house it’s like a mansion. When we hide no one can ever find us, we can hear them calling our names but we just laugh and don’t answer, we have a good hiding place. We played party games, had the music on loud, and ate lots and lots and lots of yummy party food. I was so stuffed I couldn’t move. Then my mom said we had to go home but I wanted to stay for ever, because my cousin’s house is the best fun house in this world. My aunty always says I can live with her and I have my own bedroom there already. That would be so cool.


I went shopping with my mom today. We first went to the holiday shop called Thomas Cook, where you book holidays, I saw some holidays but mom said we all have to vote on three holidays when we get back home. I really hope my brother’s vote on the holiday with the huge fantastic water slide; it’s massive and looks very scary. Then we went to the pet shop and bought some plants for the fish tank. My mom didn’t want to look at the animals because she is really scared and screams if she sees mice, rabbit, and snakes. It was cool in the shop I got to see a dog and some tropical fish. We then went into next. I don’t like the clothes shop next. My mom tried on a ring and you will never believe this: her finger got stuck and couldn’t get the ring off; I was laughing so much, my tummy hurt. I saw the ice cream van; mom said I could have one because it will help my throat. The ice cream man asked what I would like; I said an ice cream please. I couldn’t believe my eyes I got a pink ice cream with red juice. When I got in the car I took a photo to show my brother because he wouldn’t believe the ice cream man gave me a pink ice cream. When I got home I changed my clothes and painted my mask. I couldn’t decide what to paint, so I drew on a paper first then painted the mask. It was great fun, I really enjoyed the last few days. I cant wait to get back to school and see All of my friends.

The Tale of Rock Johnson by Sahil Awan

Here is a section of the imaginary story Sahil wrote in Literacy. Why do you think I chose him as player of the match for this writing?

Suddenly, I saw a vortex and it sucked me into another… World! What was going on? What was going to happen? Then I went into a slide, it had glowing writing of legendary secrets of Blaze and Blade. Then, in the speed of a bullet, there was a creepy world of bats, underwater snakes, giant sea spiders and many more disgusting things. Blaze and Blade both stared at us without blinking. There was one good spider and he told us that nobody can beat them as they can hypnotise and sting you. I shivered and started to whiz around Blade and Blaze, but then Blaze hit me with his sharp claw!