Art by Simran and Zoe

[slideshow][slideshow]Last topic lesson we have been doing art related to our topic splash. We have learnt new colours like: primary colours (blue, red and yellow) secondary colours (green, purple and orange) and tertiary colours, these are when you mix primary and secondary colours together. We also learnt tint and shades of colours. Shades are when you mix black with any colour to make a shade and tints are when you mix white to any colour to make a lighter colour.

Today we have been doing different things like: collage, acrylic painting, pointillism and we have been using the water colours as well.

What do YOU think?

In Literacy we are learning about issues and dilemmas. What would you do in these situations?

Can you see more than one option?
Can you see different points of view?

Make it clear in your comment which situation you are talking about.

Mrs Griffiths and Miss Martindale

1) There is a deadly disease going around Bearwood that will kill you in under 24 hours. After you have treated yourself, you only have one dose of the medicine that will cure the victims. There is a horse with the disease and a human. Who do you give the medicine to? Why?

2) What if the two people with the disease were both humans. They are a baby and a 80 year old man. Who would you save?

3) You are a man whose wife has a terrible heart condition. There is a medicine that can save her but it costs £1 million pounds and you are poor. If you don’t get the medicine she will die. But you will almost certainly be put in prison for life if you get caught stealing. Would you steal the medicine from the chemist? Why? Why not?

4) What if the medicine only cost £12.99. Does this change your decision? Do you think it should?

Can you add your own dilemma for people to think about?

Dilemmas in literacy! By Max and Rayan

Today in literacy was really superb because Miss Martindale told us some dilemmas and we had to pick the options and vote with our feet by moving to the different corners of the room; strongly agree, agree, strongly disagree and disagree. One of the dilemmas were ‘stealing is always wrong’ the next one was ‘your friends and family should always come first’ and ‘you should do what is best for family no matter what ‘.
People all had different ideas and some people were talking and disagreeing (but in a polite way!).
The next thing we did was read the fantastic Mr. Fox that Miss typed up on the computer. We read it and then shared our opinions. It was like an argument but just not mean. After that we got into groups of 3. One was the presenter one the fox and one the farmer. In our groups we had to role play and in interview Then some girls recorded there role play on the mac. You can hear it below.
It was hard because you kept changing your mind when you heard different people say what they thought!

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Comic relief by Aiza and Emiliana

Today was comic relief! Lots of people dressed up in silly costumes! It was fabulous. Some people came to school in their pajamas! Everybody raised money for the charity, we also did not just walk we did silly walks like dancing, man on the moon and jumping about. Most people said that Comic Relief was better than Sports Relief. After the walk we went back to school and enjoyed the rest of the day and ended as a fantastic week! We did the walk it in warely woods; we raised money for the charity and asked people to sponsor us. Everyone had come also our parents came too it was really funny in our silly costumes! When everybody came back we were telling jokes to each other and to the teachers. Please comment on this post and tell us how much you enjoyed the day.

Area and perimeter. By Udeshpal & Harjun

[slideshow]Today in numeracy we were working on area and perimeter. Some people chose to go outside and some people stayed inside and worked on problems. Some of us used the computers and went on Google maps and solved the different problems on there. We clicked on the yellow pins and the problems were quite challenging but we had great fun! Please comment on this post.

Try the google maps activity here: