The human skeleton by Amana

What is a skeleton?

A skeleton is basically bones made with joints and the joints help us move.

How does a skeleton move?

A skeleton moves with  the joints that makes us move.

Why do we need a skeleton?

We need a skeleton with joints to help us move and pick up things and to walk/run.

Do we need a skeleton?

Yes we do need a skeleton because  we need to move, run and walk .


(More facts)

There are 27 bones and more than 30 muscles  in each hand.

All bones have a job.The skull protects the brain.

The  leg bone isn’t  actually one bone it is 2 bones.

by Amana please comment and tell me what you think.



2 thoughts on “The human skeleton by Amana

  1. That’s right Amana. The skills does protect the brain? What do you think protects the heart and lungs?

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