4T Vlog about Rationing

This week 4T have had a go at being YouTubers and making vlogs about our learning with rationing. Take a look and see what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe and like 😉

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4D are back with this week’s edition of the news!

The government have put in force rationing. Long gone are those days of full English breakfasts and an indulgent roast dinner! Your days’ meals will now include a single egg and a whole load of lard.

We hope you enjoy our news broadcasts!

Aisha, Saira and Issac

Gurdaya, Amman and Fabian

Anzalna, Atiyah Roqhaye

Sara, Tyler and Mohammed

Sehar, Riham and Adam

Hasti, Nathan and Fatima

Miguel, Jamie and Bisma

Zainab, Ireena and Jagpreet

Tillie, Luka and Ocean

4D report on this week’s events!

Evacuation is now in full force with thousands of children leaving the cities for the safety of the countryside. We used our experiences from our trip to the Severn Valley Railway to help us.

Adam, Riham and Sehar

Anzalna, Yusuf and Rokahye

Kaif, Zain and Skye

Ireena, Jagpreet and Zainab

Nathan, Hasti and Fatima

Atiyah, Miguel and Bisma

Fabian, Gurdaya and Amman

Mathilda, Luka and Jamie

Mohammed, Tyler and Sara

Aisha and Issac