Play scripts

Hi all year4 I think you are all doing fantastic work in your scripts. I am looking forward to seeing the end results when you have filmed them! Ms Clark

Fractions- Wembley Ticket Office

We are learning to find fractions of amounts today and tomorrow. Today we were working in the Box Office for Wembley Stadium! We had to work out the new prices if the tickets were reduced. E.g. If a JLS ticket costing £45 was reduced by 1/5 what was the new price? This meant we had to link to our earlier learning and use subtraction too as well as division.

Some of us chose to use unit fractions where the numerator is always ‘1’. Others chose to use fractions with other numbers in the numerator such as 2/3.

Children who felt really confident chose challenge 4. These children were working with numbers where they had to use their knowledge of place value e.g. VIP pass = £4500 and is reduced by 2/5. What is the new price?

Can you explain how to find fractions of amounts?
Can you remember the steps to success?
What is the rule that you need to remember when finding fracions of amounts?
Please set your own question below ad explain how you would solve it.

The Passenger film review by Sana and Kamal

Here are a selection of reviews by children in Year 4. We watched 3 different short films and children chose their favourite to review. All of the films are available to watch for yourself on our blog. You could use the search box or scroll to earlier pages to find them.

Before reviewing the films we watched some clips of Jonathan Ross on his ‘Film’ review programme which helped us as we collected a vocabulary bank of words and phrases that he used to include in our reviews.

Sana and Kamal- Welcome to our review
My opinion of this film is that it is children’s horror but it is not that scary so I think that children over the age of 6 can watch this short film. This film is great memorable film and it is satisfying and full of suspense and jumpy parts. The film is about a creature that goes to a haunted house but on his way he sees a crazy dog that petrifies him. Also, on his way to the bus stop he gets on the bus, he sits down and sees an innocent little gold fish sitting next to him who was massive, boggle eyes.

But whenever he puts his music box on, the gold fish turns into a giant monster with sharp teeth and a ferocious bark. However, when he turns his sound box off the goldfish turns back to normal. After this he fights the monster but the bus driver does not even notice because he was busy hitting a fly with a news paper. The film is 7 minutes long and the film is funny. I think that all children would like this film as long as they are not frightened by monsters. This film is a phenomenal film and it is a spectacular film.

I like this film because it funny in parts and it is amazing I think if you like funny films then you would want to watch this mind blowing film.
This is a animated film and the effects are brilliant but there is no talking in this film. I loved the bit when the music box turns the fish into a giant ferocious monster!

Hammaad and Maveish

This is the best film in the world !You must see The Passenger .The story begins now. On half of the sky it is sunny and on the other side it is miserable, stormy and crashing with thunder !
There is a man that has a book and
Umbrella he reads the book and walks past a furious,killer dog and the man looks inside a,old,creepy bus.The man sits down inside the classic, freezing and lonely bus.There is a goldfish in a little bowl of water and it blows bubbles… Watch out when you jump out of your seat after a massive surprise! I like this film if you love horror then come and watch this!

The Passenger film review by Kyle

The passenger is all about a man who gets terrified of a cute goldfish! But… the goldfish is really evil and turns into a gross, sloppy monster. First the man is strolling down the haunted alleyway while the thunder and lightening is crashing around him. Next he gets onto an empty bus. Nobody is there except an evil goldfish. Suddenly the goldfish turns into a monster and attacks him. He tries to defend himself but the monster gobbles up his blue umbrella.
Finally the man realises that the goldfish transforms whenever he presses play on his music player. There is a surprising twist at the end. Watch it and see!
I really enjoyed this marvellous and suspense filled film because it was so hilarious but also full of shocks! I think the whole family should watch this marvellous scary film but only if they enjoy films with jumpy parts. It is not suitable for very young children. I loved the film!

Dr Markus and the tomb of gloom. Review by Mya and Paige

I really think this phenomenal film deserves Oscar because of its exceptional plot. Because this is what it’s all about. A teacher said go to the library and look up some Egyptian’s. A young boy does and find’s a extraordinary book which he is eager to read but it is no ordinary book….
Dr marcus in the story goes on a adventure to find a mummy which he does but is terrified to find out he came to life!They chase each around until the mummy says after that seven hour chase is All I wanted was a hug!

If you are a big fan of emotional and heart-warming films then this the one for you. This clip was based at Egypt but made in a school. It really made it magnificent because of the music which really went well with what was happening. Amazingly this film was created two years ago in 2008. It would be best for children over five years old because they may be frightened of certain parts. The best part was emotional but a bit of a comedy which is when the mummy said he wanted a hug.

Butterflies film review by Max and Ardian

The short film butterflies was about a boy that is really nervous and he really wants to get over his fear for show and tell at school. Everyone else brought in thrilling items and animals that were really exiting and breathtaking. However Patrick felt that his items for show and tell were inferior.
Eventually Patrick manages to overcome his fears in a touching ending.

At the beginning it was really exiting because they were at playtime and a butterfly landed on a boy named Patrick, and he really liked the butterfly.
I really liked this short film because it was jam-packed with heaps off action. My and Ardian’s favourite part was when the boy went on a colossal rollercoaster and overcame his fear. It was also made in 2008 and it was set in a school.
I think that many people would enjoy this film. It is heart warming and touching, whilst there are also some exciting parts and some good visual effects.