Survival By Jada

In our new topic we have been learning about World War 2 and how children were evacuated .

How would you feel if you had to go to the countryside and leave your family?

The Reply by Chetan, Kofi and Vanita.

On the Thursday 26th of April Kofi received a letter from Joe. It said ‘thanks for the letter. I am thankful you have found my bag. Where is it? It is important I find it because my mum is angry she says I need it when I am evacuated. Please help Joe.’

Kofi has written back to Joe to find out why he needs his bag and to explain to Joe what year it is as he thinks it is still 1944.

Why do you think Joe needs his bag? Who might Joe be? Where might he live?

Our new topic by shammah


Survival is the name of our new topic. In this topic we are studying how people survived in World War 2. Sooner or later we are going to find out how children evacuated.

How would you have felt if you survived in World War 2?

Animals by Aneesha and Zuzanna

In Topic we are learning about animals and where they live.  We had to research our favourite animal and keep the facts safe. We are doing this because year 4 will be making there own David Attenbrough style documenteries.

What animal would you pick and why?


The mysterious messageby Zeba & Aaminah

In Literacy we have recieved a note from this person called Joe on the Smart board also it was very freaky!  The whole class wrote letters and put them in a envolope and we put the envolope in the bag hoping he would  reply back.

We left the bag at school and the next day it was gone!   Luckily Joe replied back but he only replied back to Obaid.


If you know any thing about Joe, write a comment please…



Numeracy by Waqar and Sian

Today in Numeracy we were puting decimal numbers in order on a number line.  Some of the decimal numbers go up in 0.1 and some in  0.2.  On some of the challenges you had to work on your own to find the decimal.  Some children worked on small green to find the answers to the extention questions.

Did you find this lesson challenging?  Why?


P.E by Aaminah and Shaynie

In P.E we learnt how to act in silent miovies.  We  had to use facial expressions and make the class giggle.

Can you use these facial expressions to make your own silent movie?