Moving and growing

We have been learning about different types of skeletons in school.

Can you remember the 3 main functions of your skeleton?
What different kinds of skeletons do different animals have?

An activity in which children aged 8-9 can watch how different animals move and then try to label parts of their skeletons.

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The Rainbow Serpent


Can you remember any of the wow words that were in the written version of this story that we read in class?

How is the animation different from the written story?

I have also added a video with some Australian scenery too. Can you write some sentences to describe this place?
There is another video with some information about the Aborigines.


Sequences by Zara and Karolina

Today in math’s we have been learning about number sequences we had to spot the rule and then complete the number sequences. One group today had a sheet and they had to complete the number sequence and write the secret code E.G NN =LN +4 and NN means next number and LN means last number. The other group were looking at harder patterns with shapes and they had to find the next term in the sequence and write the rule. Some of us were looking at negative numbers and decimals. Before we started Miss Martindale showed us some number sequences and we had to write the code. We also learnt about ascending and descending. Ascending means the sequence goes up and descending means it goes down.

Rayan Avatar story

Imagine a world where sizzling volcanoes keep exploding all the time, where blood thirsty monstrous monsters are friendly sometimes, where all the plants are bigger then massive buildings, where fly’s are vast as dragons and their teeth are sharp as daggers: Well this is a story about that…
“Hey Ezio can you help me with finding the secret JBC Lab”, said Altair seriously. “Ok” said Ezio, but you need to be really careful because there are lots of dangerous creatures in there.
“Don’t you worry I’m not a child I’m an important researcher on a dangerous, security mission!”
When Altair walked into the lab his heart was beating as fast as a cheetah, as he saw the creatures that were swimming inside glass tanks, his legs were shaking like jelly. The creatures were about 11 foot tall and 6 foot wide, their faces look frightening, their bodies looked like crocodiles . When Altair went out , footsteps were approaching. People were screaming. As Altair turned round he got out his blades and protected his self from the monster that was approaching. He could not believe his self that monster was the Bat head. Altair went into the lab to get all the soldiers, even though he
Knew that it wouldn’t help he had no choice. When the soldiers went out they started shooting the villainous monster with their shooting lasers it seemed like the monster didn’t get hurt so they went and got the M45200 that gun was the best and the most dangerous in the hole universe. When they charged the gun they started shooting the monster. When the monster died nearly all of the soldiers were dead but somehow it was good because the monster was gone forever.
Before Altair went back to the JBC lab he took the GBC rock from the monster. After Altair gave the rock to the chief and the chief gave him “5000 Billion pounds reward” for bringing back the rock. Because Altair brought the rock back, the soldiers went and put the back into it place so the people on Earth will rest in peace…

Sana and Sabina Avatar story

Imagine a place where strange creatures live and attack for no reason, where trees and bushes come alive , where houses are purple ,this is a story of that place.
“Hurry up Rosy“ It’s time for your mission to go to Pandora yelled Jess the boss.
Reluctantly and nervously, Rosy made her way to the machine that was about to turn her into an avatar. Her heart was thumping loudly in her head and her hands were sweating.

Even though she was very nervous she was also extremely excited about what she would encounter on her mission to Pandora. Rosy slowly put her legs onto the machine.
“Don ‘t worry Rosy it won ‘t hurt you “ said Jess . Frightened , shocked , surprised Rosy lay down on the machine that would transport her into Pandora . Quick as a flash Jess pushed the button sending Rosy into the unknown.
She tried to stand up and she couldn’t walk. Eventually she managed to stumble to her feet and she stared all around Pandora . Rosy explored Pandora. She could see trees The branches on the trees reached across and tapped Rosy on the shoulder. She turned round and there was nothing there but as she raised her head one of the trees was flying through the bright blue sky. Rosy gazed in amazement at the sight of a tree flying. The animals were strange and the houses were purple . I could hear somebody shouting roar. What was that noise? It was like people stamping. Rosy turned her head around and she saw a gigantic dinosaur . The dinosaur jump on the other side and Rosy stand still. The dinosaur rode and Rosy run to the helicopter.

Max and Zara Avatar story

Imagine a place where there are such beautiful, vibrant plants, where unique, unusual creatures live, this is a story about this adventurous place. Lisa was in the overcrowded, bustling lab.
Lisa, who is a confident intelligent girl, was a little confused and didn’t know the way to the J.B ENTERPRIZES (that’s the lab). “Excuse me where is the scientific room I want to meet my avatar” Lisa Kindly asked.
“Come on I’ll show you the way” Susie said.
“Thank you very much” The room was tranquil and calm. I could see the different avatars in the gentle, serene water. “Which one is mine?” Lisa asked “This one” Susie replied. As Lisa walked on further she could see the most peculiar things in her life. There were 3D computers they were called ‘Screen Tech’.
“Where do they get these mind blowing computers I wish I had one”? Thought Lisa. The more she was stunned the more she became unfocused. She had to get in the machine to get to Pandora.
Slowly and carefully she got into the huge machine to get to the exquisite land of Pandora! Finally she was in Pandora. She could see multicolored, vivid trees. The ground was covered in crunchy; beautiful leaves which were limey green and light red colors.
Just at that second Lisa heard a deafening, blood-curdling scream. What was it? As I turned around there in front of me was ferocious, vicious creature which tried to attack me. How could I defeat this savage beast? From inside Lisa was frightened but from outside she tried not to show it. The beast had huge wings and a terrifying face with blood as bright as a ruby red diamond. His claws were sharper than daggers and longer than swords. Even though Lisa was more petrified than she had ever been but she still had to fight this Blood-thirsty vicious creature. How would she fight this boisterous evil creature? Just then the raging, threatening beast went and was gone.
“Phew that was close” Lisa said with a sigh of relief. As she carried on she could see a beautiful waterfall. It was sparkling sliver it was the most phenomenal, astounding waterfall. The trees were all multi- colored it was fantastic. Have you ever been in a place like this? The grass was soft and smooth and was the color of a fresh fruity lime.