cars by Amana and Abhiraj

First of all I would like to say that my favourite hobbie is cars. All cars are my favourite even the slowest all the way to the fastest.

Our favourite cars:

honda integra type r dc5

pagini zonda

honda s2000

BMW 1-6

range rover

honda civic


honda integra type r dc2



honda crx


Mercedes Benz

land rover


nissan skyline

nissan silvia

audi tt


Please comment and tell me what you think and please tell me your favourite car.





Alaiah, Iyka and Meshach Thoughts

Me, Iyka and Meshach are thinking about our new class. About what it is going to be like? Or what teacher we are going to have. We are really looking forward to our new class to learn stuff we have not learnt before, we want to enjoy our new year with our new teacher and never forget year five. We are going to enjoy year four for the past few days of the last tearm ready to move on.






cars by khushi

Look at these photos and tell me which one you like.




Our World War two museum by Khuzaimah.

Yesterday on the 17th July  it was our World War two museum .  It was to represent our work we have been focusing on , in the summer term. Lots of parents attended  and  y3, y4 and y6 came to see our work too.   The categories were leaders ,  men at war, women at war ,  rationing, evacuation . Everyone had fun .