The Romans – Explore the areas we’ve learnt about

Lunt Fort

Roman Army

Here are some links to help you think about the Roman army, weapons and tactics:


Emperor Claudius

Roman Towns and Celt Villages,that%20were%20built%20to%20last.

Roman Roads–ks2-explain-this-roman-roads/z7c8wty

How the Romans changed Britain

Hadrian’s Wall

Roman Numerals


Maths Workshop – Multiplication and maths fluency

Thank you so much to all of the grown ups who came and joined in the fun. This is some of the information we discussed:

As promised, here is the link to the Times Table Check simulator:

A link to Times Tables Rockstars:

Some images of the slides explaining some of the games:

Super fingers

Times Tables Snap

Get confident with times tables, doubles and halves and number bonds if you need to:

Get active with your times tables:

Times tables Magic Square speed challenge:

Virtual dice:

Fraction Walls / Fun

100 square

Don’t forget to have fun with your chatterbox/ fortune teller!