Aztec Projects.

On Friday, 4P continued with their Aztec projects using information from a range websites, power points and books. Take a look at what we have created so far.

How are you going to work as a team to complete your projects?

Numeracy by Waqar

This week in Numeracy we have been learning about division.  We learnt to use the ‘Chunking Method’.  We know how to use the chunking method and set it out correctly. 

This is how it should look.

 The steps to success help you and tell you what to do.


On Tuesday Mrs Ruston and Mrs Foster taught us how to save children or adults in water.

How would you rescue someone?

We are Chunky Monkeys! By Vanita and Yousuf

Today in numeracy we started to use the chunking method it was the first division method we learnt in year 4. It was quite hard but we got the hang of it. We did questions like the following ones. Could you do the following questions?

Keep practising in your new get talking get learning books. Try answering these questions in them as you get ticks and stickers for doing your homework.
If you do all of them and get them right you will get 3 ticks and a happy note and maybe the teacher will choose you for achievement award. (There are 2 trick questions can you spot them?)


Aztec Homework Project


Remember this are Disney videos but we thought you might like to watch these. Disney can adapt facts to make a better movie however some of the film is based on facts.


Can you find any facts that link to Simon’s talk?

Year 4 went mental! By Anouska and Tetiana

In numeracy we were concentrating on division. Some of us were looking at two step questions, but some of us were looking at inverses to work out, for example: a bunch of 6 bananas are 30p how much does one of the bananas cost?

30 / 6=

We know 5 x 6 = 30.
So the answer is 5p! Did you get it correct?

1 pack of Mini Rolls has 10 rolls for 90p. How much would one of them cost?
Write a comment and tell us the answer!

Cadbury World Update by Mike and Aaminah

In writers workshop today we were writing to Mr Palmer to reply to his letter about making a chocolate bar.  He is from Cadbury World and they are making a new chocolate bar. In Numeracy we did some data handling about chocolate for Mr Palmer.  We found out that Crunchie was the least popular.  Chomp the most popular because it is cheap.  We both asked about flavours in chocolate.  Most people voted for honeycomb on mine (Mike) and cherry on mine (Aaminah).

What chocolate bar would you like Cadbury’s to produce?

Children in Need

Today was Children in Need.  Our challenge was to “Wear spots and raise lots’.  We definitely met the challenge and even the teachers joined in! Amazingly, Aniq raised £60.00 all on his own by shaving his hair!  We were all extremely proud of Aniq and he won 4D the Pudsey Bear.  Well done Aniq!

Have a look…do you think we met the challenge and were spotty enough?