Investigating by Vanita and Yousuf

Year 4 have been testing the unusual items that they found at Calthorpe next to the pond. We tested if it was magnetic, water prooth, opaque, if it’s flexible, or if it can float or if it’s hard. We labelled them because we do not know what they are called.

After our testing what do you think they are called?

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The Mysterious Items

Year 4 were at Calthorpe Haven they went to find the frogs spawn and found unusual tems which had red ink on them. Also we found some grey shiny metal bars. However we are not sure that it’s metal.

Have you seen these things before?

Have you been to Calthorpe Haven recently?

Sport Relief by Anouska and Saadh.

On Friday 23.03.2012 we decided in 4P for our theme to be ‘super heroes’. My super hero was named Flash and Anouska’s was Catwoman. From Bearwood primary school we walked to Warley woods. It was about 2 and a half miles. When we arrived at Warley woods, we walked round the woods. About 10 minutes later the walking transformed into running. It was so difficult to keep up. A few people sat on the bench including me. When we came to a hill we ran down and had a break then went back. The walk was a mile around Warley woods. also the walk to Warley woods was 2 and a half miles to get there and back so in total we ran 3 and a half miles.

100% attendance By Vanita and Pardeep

This is now 4P’s 2nd week of having the bear in their classroom alongside a certificate celebrating 100% attendance this week! We still do not have a name for the bear. We were thinking of calling him Junior, James, Joey or John. What do you think we should call him? Post your comments below and we will make a decision by Friday.

RE Project

You have all been working extremely hard to research.

Your question is…

How is light used in different religious festivals?


Here are some websites to support your learning at home.  Remember you can help each other out by posting some clues…