The chocolate factory by Amana

I was there at the factory with the owner Icouldn’t believe I won the golden ticket but the only thing was my friends would not talk to me because they were jealous.After all I won the last golden ticket  I am so happy that I won the last golden ticket the other four were Kate,Ashley, Jonah and Liam.I could smell the delicious aroma of the chocolate. I could hear the hard working  workers. I could see the walls that you could taste I could taste the air of the chocolate.As Iworked my way around the factory, all the children vanished. All that was left was dad, me and all the parents. I asked willy wonka”why has all the children vanished? ” He replied lightly “you don’t need to worry because you are the winner and you get to own the factory “oh goody do you have a phone I screamed!” He replied slowly “yes of course go phone your family and tell them to bring their stuff.”




have you ever been to a chocolate factory?

The princess and the witch by Amana


“Well hi I suppose I don’t know you”she said to herself feeling scared.  “”Oh no its you get away from me leave alone” she screamed. The crackling witch said “you are never going to be saved and give me that necklace with the  diamond.”

“Never!” shouted the prince, ” that was her mothers and nobody can get their hands on it get out!” The cackling witch grabbed the necklace but she got frozen and died because it is a powerful necklace.The princess and the prince lived a happy life.

Hussnains amazing Cadburys world recount

First we climbed on the shiny silver coach, with smiles. When we got on the coach, we moved slowly across the busy Birmingham traffic. Soon after we saw lots of signs saying Cadburys World four miles and ¾ miles away. After we took a left to Bournville and before our eyes the sign Cadburys World


Next we clambered off the coach to Cadburys World; we went to the reception and saw it was closed. So we just went to the presentation when we got there, there was a guide named Collin who did a lecture about Cadburys. They told us that they make Maynard’s and their main rival is nestle. After the lecture we hurried to the exhibition. In the exhibition there was an Incan themed area. I found out that the Incans first harvested cocoa beans. Next we walked to the pirate area. I learnt that legalized pirates are called Buccaneers, and I learnt that buccaneers thought cocoa beans were sheep droppings. Eweh! Then we got too saw the Victorian area, and then a door opened and we got to see a show and we learned about the process of chocolate. Soon our chairs moved smoke came out of the room and barrels moved.


Then we had lunch. We had lunch in a tent, so I had mini smarties kinder milk chocolate and sandwiches.

After we saw a black and white show. When we learned about the main resource of cocoa beans.


After that we walked on the stairs, wrote our names in delicious chocolate and got fresh chocolate from moulds. Then we saw a playground/disco in the play ground you had to jump on the crème eggs to open them and in the disco it had a gorilla playing the drums.


Finally we went on a ride called the Cadabra Ride  on the ride we saw funny cocoa beans and next  I saw evil cocoa beans and bottles lastly we saw cocoa bean shadows engraved in the cave area.


At the end the day we climbed on the bus and went home.

Comic Relief By Iyka

On Friday the 15th of March it was Red Nose day. I was so excited because it was the danceathon and we were dancing to the cha cha slide. I really liked dancing to the cha cha slide. On Friday everyone was dressed up and we were in red. We also wore red noses. So far we have raised £800.


Cadbury World by Venita Johal

On Thursday we went to Cadbury World. We went by a coach. When we got there it was raining so we quickly met this man and he told us all about chocolate. After that we tasted some chocolate we had it in a cup and we had marshmellows and jelly babies and much more.Then went on  a ride it was really good because there was a camera and we did not know it was there and at the end there was a tv on the wall and I saw my picture. I stuck my tongue out.  Everyone was laughing at me because I did that.  At the end we had lots of chocolate and I munched it all the way home.


The Chocolate Factory By Alaiah

Imagine a place with a divine smell.  Imagine a place that had chocolate. Imagine you won a golden ticket.  Now this is a story of ” The Chocolate Factory…”

Out of no where I appeared in a chocolate factory.  I was so shocked! To find out I had won the golden ticket.  I was more than excited to go there, to the chocolate factory.

When I arrived at the chocolate factory, I was greeted by big golden gates, they almost looked like they were wrapped in the foil of a chocolate wrapper, how amazing!  The factory itself was huge, I can only imagine how much chocolate was made in there.  As I entered the colourful doors, the smell hit me.  It was delightful I have never smelt chocolate so delicous. As I looked around the enormous place I could hear the scumptious chocolate dripping from the water fountain, amongst the churning of the machinery working hard to produce that wonderful chocolate.  When I was about to have a pinch of the chocolate, I glimpsed Mr Willy Wonker from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory he warned me not to touch the chocolate.  After we looked around the first area of the factory Mr Willy Wonker took us on a boat ride to marvel at the machinery.  As I entered the boat I could see Umpalumpas in the distance, now that seemed like fun to me! I went on a chocolae slide, landing in a pool of milky chocolate very yummy, I enjoyed that.

As the trip ended I was grateful to be at the choclate factory, I enjoyed my experience there I would love to go again.  My friends, who were smaller than me, enjoyed the trip too. 


Chocolate factory homework by Iyka

Imagine a place with a divine smell. Imagine a place that had chocolate.Imagine a place that you won a golden ticket. This is a story about a chocolate factory…

From out of nowhere I appered into a chocolate factory. I was surprised and I was really happy. It felt like I was really there. I was going everywhere around the chocolate factory. I could see Mr Wonka from Charlie and the chocolate factory. There were all my friends there and other people that I didn’t know who they were.

When I  was looking at the beautiful stuff at the factory, I could see lots of chocolate there. My mouth was watering as if I was sweating. I really wanted the chocolate. I could hear  people talking and someone said to me “do you like the chocolate?” and I said yes. I could smell the delicious chocolate and I felt like having them on my own. I wish I was really there.


In Topic recently we have been tasting chocolate and giving them a score out of ten to see which chocolate is the best. We were tasting chcocolate because Cadbury world gave us a letter to ask us to create our own chocolate bars.

By James and Navandeep


In Literacy we have been looking at adverts and to see if the advert had music or not or if it had a slogan or a catchy phrase. For E.G. in the it had a slogan and it didn’t have any music and in homework books we needed to write our favourite advert.

Which is your favourite advert and why?

by Navandeep and James