Going wild Callum

I went to Abererch sands. This is a campsite I went to Abererch sands for a holiday because we hadn’t been on holiday for a wile. Abererch sands is different from Smethwick because is near the beach and sea. We also stayed in a tent on a campsite. We cooked our food on a camp stove. We bought a cooked chicken which we ate with salad. We cooked a breakfast on the camp stove with pans. We had bacon, egg, beans and sausage. We ate our dinner off plastic plates in the tent on a fold out table and chairs. The weather was mostly sunny we had a little bit of rain in the morning. The weather was mostly sunny and I caught a bit of tan. I wore shorts and t-shirts every day because we went on the beach and it was sunny. We went to the caravan and walked around caravan castle. It took about 2 hours but it would have taken longer . We went on the beach every day, we played in the sea, we made sandcastles with spades and buckets. We also went to the shops. We had a look around gift shops and went to Asda for food. I played in my rubber dingy in the sea with my brother. I pushed the boat over whilst my brother was in it. We also took our dog Benji on holiday with us. He went in the sea a few times. I enjoyed my holiday and didn’t want to come home. I would like to go back there for another holiday.

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    1. Yes thats right. James and callum have done a really impressive amount of work. I love it what about you isn`t it amazing? And james how do you think i can inprove my skills in hockey and what is your status picture suppose to be?

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