What have we been doing in Dance so far? By Alaiah and Alesha

In dance we have just not long have performed at a dance festival. Now in dance we have been practising our routeen for the next performance. Before we dance, miss has made a zumber dance that will put us in a nice body shape. It is really fun dancing with miss siberly. The amazing thing is that we get to dance in our costume and it feels great. The worst thing is when we have to do the routine over and over again.


My top 10 favourite cars! by Abhiraj

1o. Bmw 1 series

9. Ford Focus GTR

8. Lamborghini Gallardo

7. Audi R8

6. Noble

5. Aston Martin DB9

4. Vw passat Tdi

3. Lamborghini Aventador

2. Buggati Veyron

1. Pagani Zonda F Roadster

These are my top ten favourite cars.

What I think about Bearwood primary school by Rio

What I like about BPS:

Well their shool dinners are better than nelson primary school ( sorry MR T ) and they educate kids in a fun way and most kids like Amana are kind and helpful. They also teach a wide range of lessons etc




Spellings/ daily spellings

and so on but they also do a lesson called lights camera action which teaches children to work with cameras.




RE by Amana

Why does the prophet  (PBUH) matter to Muslims?

The prophet muhammad (PBUH) was important to the muslims because he was honest and he was  honest and one thing is that most of the Muslims call  the prophet (PBUH) was the sadiq and amin  sadiq  means  that he never cheated on eny ones property  and Amin means a person who never made a sin or never told a lie.I am a Muslim.  Muslims always believe in prophet muhammmed but only the good ones. I believe in phropet muhammmed (PBUH). He is a messenger  of ALLAH   ALMIGHTY. He was chosen by god.When he was chosen he was chosen as a honest person and a trusted person.Most of the Muslims read 5 prayers a day  and most of them pray for our phrophet (PBUH).

Lights camera action by Amana

Our new topic is called lights camera action and all we have started has really been fun and I have really loved it .

Here are some movies. I know

horrid Henry the movie

peter pan

the lion king


the croods

oz the great and powerful


Our day with Dom!

Today in the morning when we went to class, our teacher had told us that a T.v advertiser was going to come and his name was  Dom. He was very nice and kind also we had seen him in year3. He had told us all about camera angles and shot’s. The first thing he showed us was the camera shot’s. It was really fascinating to learn something new. We all had lot’s of fun. The next thing he showed us was an advert of  MC victie’s chocolate biscuit it was really fun and we all enjoyed it


This week in Numeracy we have been doing the grid method the grid method method only works with times questions that you don’t know for example 54 times 32. First what you do is draw 2 lines down then 2 lines across then you you put the times sine at the top on the left hand side after there are spare boxes at the top and that is where you put your biggest number. When you put the biggest number on the top make sure you partition it for example in one column you put in 50 then on the next box you put 4.


Next you put the 30 on the next column on the first box then there is one more column. That is where you put the 2 on the first box like the 30. After you done that you times 30 times 50 and the answer is 1500 then you do 30 times 4 and that is 120 then after you do 2 times 50 and the answer is 100 then you do 2 times 4 and that is 8.


After you done all that you add your answers up so you add 1500,120,100 and 8 and the answer is 1728.

My trip to Dublin

When i went to Dublin in Ireland , it was one of the coolest moments of my life!!! I went in 2011. I liked the ice creams but my favorite part was when we had a picnic but it wasn’t a normal one , because every time the tide came in we had to get up  and gather everything as  quick as lightning and move to another spot but in the end we just decided we had enough of running away from the tide so we just ate peacefully at the airport cafe. I had to wake up at  6:oo am. I was extremly tired. I had to wake up that time because if i never i will   miss the plane. Im glad I never missed the plane. Dublin is a magnificent place . Please reply by khuzaimah hussain.

This is the seaside i went to.


Goal scorer! Email To Trevor Bond By Iyka

 Dear Trevor Bond,

This year we have been making and designing our own chocolate. We have been looking on videos of how chocolate is made. Look at our ideas and you will know how we have made our chocolate. This is an email for you to see. This is an email for you about how we made our chocolate.


Making Our Chocolate Bar

We were making our chocolate bar for Easter First we made a plan to make our chocolate. After we made our chocolate. We added different ingredients for our chocolate. We added ingredients like biscuit, dried cherries and sprinkles. We had other ingredients to our chocolate as well.

Making Our Radio Advert

We were making a radio advert. We wrote a persuasive script. First we had to plan our script to make our radio advert. After we recorded it on a Mac book. We have also been making our scripts persuasive so people can buy our chocolate. That’s why we have been making a radio advert for people to buy our chocolate.

Making Our Packaging

We were designing our packaging for our chocolate. We were designing our packaging because we needed something to put our chocolate in. We have been thinking of what we have to put in our packaging. We added the logo, website and ingredients. We have been putting other things in our packaging as well.

Where Chocolate Is Made From

When we went Cadbury’s World we went in the study room to learn all about chocolate. I found out that chocolate was made from Ghana. We also learnt that they are from other countries too. They can be from Brazil and South Africa. We have also been learning of how the coco bean was made. We have also learnt that how the coco beans were picked on the trees and what they picked it with.


How We Made Our Chocolate Bar

When we made our chocolate bar first of all we planned how to make our chocolate bar. After we made our chocolate we added some flavours to our chocolate. We added biscuit, Cinnamon and many more other flavours. When we made our chocolate bars we first added the ingredients that we needed in our chocolate. When the chocolate was melted we added it to our chocolate. After we put it into the fridge and then we started to make our packaging for our chocolate.


How We Made Our Posters For Our Chocolate Bar

On our posters we have been putting information of how we made our chocolate. We have also been putting pictures of our chocolates. We have also been adding the slogan to our chocolate and prices and we have added other things that are part of our chocolate bar. We have been also put our name of our chocolate so people know what our chocolate is called.

Conclusion Of The Topic

I extremely enjoyed this topic because I have been learning all about chocolate which is my favourite. This topic was interesting because it tell you about how chocolate is made and where the chocolate is made. This topic was fantastic. I really liked to Cadburys world because I had lots of fun learning about chocolate. It was really fun.

Please reply to my email.

You’re sincerely,

Iyka Islam