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How does Dynamo do this?


Over the half term I discovered a magician called Dynamo. I am speechless as to how amazing his illusions are! How do you think he manages to walk on water?

Writers Workshop

On Friday you will imagine you are Fergus Crane and write what happens next after you received this letter! Think creative and plan your story with someone at home. Show off your writing skills.

Blog some of your ideas here…

Letters to Mark Jones

Dear Mark Jones,

We hope you are still reading our Blog and many thanks for your email. It was fantastic to receive an email from you and all of Year 4 have emailed you back. Mrs Hadley has your email address but we decided to post the letters for you to read.

We would love to here from you again.

Your sincerely

Year 4

Electrical Games 4P


Like 4D we have had brilliant time making our games. We still have a bit to go and we cant wait to play them properly. What do you think of our games so far?

Explanation Videos

Sorry about the delay Year 4 but this was a challenge for me! I have now used my persistent power and made progress to learn a new skill! We can now record and Blog videos! Hope you enjoy watching these…

Get Talking…Get Learning!

Literacy- After the holiday we are starting a new topic about persuasion. If you persuade someone to buy you something how do you do it? Can you write down a persuasive conversation using speech marks? Over the holidays we want you to watch TV! Look at the adverts do they persuade you and how? You need to write down your top 10 favourite adverts and describe why they are your favourite.
Remember to read everyday and complete your blue reading journal and real readers. Try and visit the library to find some new and exciting books.

Phonics- Over the holidays, pick your favourite story and using the characters, make your own phonics books. Remember it will need to have red, green and speed sound words.

Numeracy – We are going to be completing our shape topic on polygons, sorting shapes, lines of symmetry and angles. Be creative and make your own symmetrical shape patterns. You could use squared paper to really challenge yourself. Learn about angles and the different triangles.
Be mathematical everyday. Practise your times tables for your times table challenge. Do 3 games of matheletics live everyday. When you go shopping work out the total and the change. Keep using the column method to + and -. Use the Blog to try the websites and test your skills.

We will be starting your new topic of CHOCOLATE! Over the holidays you need to do a bit of research about chocolate. Can you please collect any wrappers and boxes? We need to discover how chocolate is made and what ingredients are used. Remember out trip to Cadbury’s World. Question your family, what chocolate do they like and why?
After the holidays we are all swimming on Tuesday 1st November so remember your swimming kits. Try and go swimming in the holidays to keep practising your new skills. Now that the weather is getting colder make sure you have your outdoor PE kit. It should include long jogging bottoms, a jumper and pumps/trainers but remember no zips or buttons.
Wednesday afternoons 4D will be doing Outdoor Education with Mr Barton and Miss Thomas. 4D will need a full change of warm clothes as it can get quite muddy and cold! This includes footwear and it cannot be your PE kit. 4P will be doing very exciting music on with Mrs Myatt.
Have a lovely holiday and enjoy playing your circuits game with your family and friends!

Festival Day

Year 4 had a fantastic day and here is a sample of some of the exciting learning we did today.

What did you learn about festivals today and would you like to learn this way again?

Numeracy for Sandip

Sandip always asks me to add websites to the Blog so here goes!

In Numeracy this week we have been learning about polygons and how to sort them. Here are some photographs of our sorting.

Now use these websites and Mathletics to keep learning and use your progress learning power…




Our Electrical Games

We now know what switched on means! It has been a challenge to research, investigate circuits, plan, design, build, adapt, join and finally play our electrical games. We all became the photographers today so here is a selection of our photographs and games.

4D tell everyone about your game and how to play it. Furthermore, which learning powers did you use and how?