Our chocolate lesson by Shoaib and Amana

Today on February the 25 th we were tasting different kinds of chocolate  and we were smelling ,feeling and rating the chocolate. We were doing this because we received a letter from Cadbury World to create a new chocolate product for Easter. We loved it. My favourite chocolate was the white chocolate it was delicious. My partner Amana, her favorite chocolate was white chocolate. Amana and I hated the dark chocolate because it was so hard so we just sucked it so it would get smaller and smaller.

 Which is your favourite type of chocolate?















































How to look after Stick Insects by Amana

 Please watch this video to find out.

This video will help you to look  after stick insects




This video will help you to see how stick insects hatch.

How to look after Stick Insects

1. How to look after stick insects is make sure you squirt water on the stick insects everyday.

2. Then makes sure you give them food like leaves.

3. Be very careful with the stick insects because their legs are easy to break.

4. Your stick insect cage should be 30cm or more

5. Make sure that if you don’t have holes on top of your cage make some holes the holes have to be small.

6. Make sure that you don’t step on them,squash them or throw them.


by Navandeep

The princess and the witch by Amana.

Have you ever read a story of jealousy? Have you ever imagined one? Well then here is one every week. I will let you know what happens next.

Once upon a time there lived a princess called Katie. She had beautiful and long blond hair.She had no parents that lived with her just her and her charming prince.One day she was walking  up her street and suddenly an old and creepy women was walking up the street and then she said “hello charming girl.”