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How would you explain an apple to an alien if they had seen this video?

Get Talking. Get Learning!

Literacy– Next week we are continuing to learn about explanations.  We will be learning about the features of explanations texts and how they help us.  This weekend imagine an alien comes into your house.  What would they want to know about? What questions might they ask? Could you select an item in your home to explain to them? It could be an alarm clock, DS, Hoover or anything else you would like to explain.  Post your explanations on the Blog!

Phonics– Remember to read 10 minutes every day.  Go back through your books and practise your red and green words. 

Numeracy – Next week we are moving onto FRACTIONS!  We are going to be learning about fractions of numbers, shapes and mixed fractions.  This weekend look around you…Where do you see fractions and what do they mean? Make  a poster to show what you know about fractions. You could use Purple Mash!

Go on Mathletics and challenge yourself to play 10 games of Mathletics live!  Try and complete the homework tasks we have set you!

Next week we are starting to research and plan our electrical toy/game.   Can you research at home to think about what game/toy you could make that has an electrical part?  It could buzz, turn with a motor, light up or do all of these!

Remember we can’t make DS’s so look at board games or even quiz games.  Get everyone in your family involved.

 Mr Neill is really impressed with your catching and throwing skills in rounders so while the weather is hot get outside and keep developing your skills.

THIS WEEKEND GET BLOGGING!  Year 4 we challenge you to get your family on the Blog too! All you need to write is ‘Jaiden’s Mum’ or ‘Hamza’s Sister’ so we know who is taking on the challenge!

The swimming Pool has problems with one of the pools so 4D are going next week and 4P the week after!  Have a lovely weekend and keep learning!

Numeracy by Yasir

In Numeracy this week we have been doing subtraction and exchanging, we started exchanging on Thursday, and we could pick from  4 challenges. Number one was no exchanging TU; number two was HTU without exchanging again, number three was exchanging with Mrs Daniels and number four was exchanging independently with the same questions as challenge three. See if you can do these!

6785 – 6329 =

4967 – 4689 =

7586 – 7476 =

7586 – 4466 =

7586 – 3477 =

I am working towards a 4C and I love Numeracy!

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading in 4D every week we go in role play and read with the teachers.We go on the carpet and pick our own books for choice reading .When we don’t do role play or choice reading we usually do blogging and finally every week we read with the teachers. 

By Zuzanna and Zeba [slideshow]

What do you think about Guided Reading?


Alien landing!

Today some of Year 4 transformed into aliens  in their search to find out more about planet Earth. To start with we thought they were silly questions to ask however as we started to answer them we found out they were a little trickier than we first thought.

Can you explain the answer to these questions? Is there more than one answer?

How do we use a knife and fork?

Why are there pictures in children’s books?

Why do we go to school?

(I have tried to upload the videos from today but it isn’t working so I will try and get Steve on the case).

Our School

Over the last couple of weeks, year 4 have been exploring metaphors and similes in order to create our own poems. Here are a few we would like to share with you.

Thank You

Dear Miss Lynch and Hawthorn Primary School,

We wanted to thank you for commenting on our Blog. Do you have a Blog we could look at too? We would also like to know where your school is?

Many thanks for Blogging from Year 4 and Mrs Daniels and Miss Pereira

Numeracy by Sian and Aniq

In Numeracy today we learnt to subtract mentally with a partner. We played a little game on a challenge 4 sheet. We had to challenge a partner. We both really enjoyed it, it was great fun!
Did you really enjoy it? If you like maths try answering these questions?
Try your best !

Writing Competition!!

Next week in Writer’s Workshop you are going to be writing a letter to enter this competition. Have a look and start collecting ideas now…..