'Splash Dance!'

In Year 4 we have been learning to use dance to represent words from our topic Splash.  We had time to plan and try out ideas.

What do you think of our ideas so far?

Players of the Match 24.1.2012


Firstly the avatar told Jake to go and get an alien looking dragon with eyes as beaming as a light. Then he ambushes the alien then suddenly he gets leaped into the air and only one hand on high cliff while the other avatars are laughing with cheer. Then he got back up on his two huge, long feet standing an enormous ten or eleven foot tall, luckily he puts his feet against the alien’s mysterious mouth also he yanked his hair out of the beaming, bright, blue avatar connecting his hair to the bright, green elastic wire making the alien his pet.

Flying back to his avatar team, his avatar friend joins him on the quest to get to his avatar team. Finally success! He reaches his group or team. Everybody shocked that Jake has got his own alien but trouble is coming. The Humans are attacking the avatars with their huge robot machines but help is on their way the fierce aliens attack the robots! This totally destroyed them. Jakes friend avatar destroys the last robot with her blazing shar spear.



Firstly there is a person called Avatar and he met a person called Jack. he was Avatars amazing ,fantastic friend .Avatars trusted Jake for anything .luckily  Jake fought the dragon .He bravely stepped in the parallel dimension but he had to do it very carefully.

Finally he met the undefeated dragon but obviously he defeats it or he doesn’t defeats it yet .So he steps forwards. He charges at the dragon rapidly, grabbing his hair.

In addition he attached it to his hair .If I was there I would say what a coincidence .It would be anyway. Jake fell in the middle of the cliff because the dragon pulled him off.






Goal Scorers 24.1.2012

The zilazoo charged towards avatar like a vicious lion.

By cashyila 

Some were roaring like a burning fire.

By Kofi 

Meanwhile, on Pandora they were watching what was happening.

By Saadh 

The blue scary, monster appeared from nowhere.

By Rahim

Monica's wonderful writing!

In phonics this week the children produced some fabulous writing about ‘The Box of Light’ story  and I wanted to share this fantastic writing on the blog by Miss Mortimer.

A box full of light by Mya and Monica.

A long time ago there was a land of animals it was always dark because they didn’t have a sun and they kept on bumping into things. Fox Kept on whining “I can’t find my lunch I need a good pal”. In the end he picked kestrel, the next day they were looking for the sun and they found lightning. The light guided them to a camp with five tents, men cooked spicy rice and the wives and children ate rabbit pie. Kestrel said “that smells nice this is the land of humans”. “Shall we hide until they go to sleep”? Come on kestrel lets take the box of light and go home. Kestrel had to take a rest fox was sitting next to the box he opened it and fox said to Kestrel fly up and get the sun “wow” said fox  it looked so pretty. We saved all the animals and that was the end of the box of light.

A box full of light by Rahul and Shawnna.

A long time ago in the land of animals it was always night because they didn’t have a sun because the humans kidnapped it. Fox kept bumping into things. Next kestrel said to fox “In the land of humans there is a bright light”. So they decided to follow it. The light guided them to a camp with five tents the humans were cooking spicy fried riceSuddenly …Fox untied  the box.

A big bolt of light came out of the box it was the shiny bright sun. The sun was shining on all the humans and animals and they could all see and not bump into things anymore. Fox set the light free and Kestrel had to fly to the sun to check it was there.

A box full of light -by Shiren and Chelsea.

In dark woods a clumsy Fox with his pal Kestrel lived. It is dark because they didn’t have a sun so they went to steal the human’s sun. Fox and the other animals were bumping into things they were upset.  The next day Fox and Kestrel went to steal the human’s sun. Kestrel glided and Fox was trotting. Two flashes of lightning flashed through the sky .It guided them to a camp then they took the box of light back home and fox sniffed the lid and untied the box. Then the lid shot off and a big bolt of light came shooting out right into the sky. It was so bright that Kestrel and Fox had to close their eyes. It was…the sun.

They had freed the light and now the animals lived in a world with a bright sun.

What do you think about their fantastic writing?



Year 4 I have all these exciting photographs from Numeracy today but no Blog post!  Can you have a go at writing your own Blog for these photographs?

The Domino Morning Challenge!

After watching the domino blog 4D became inspired with Bilal leading the way.  It became so addictive that the dominoes were used in our morning challenge, during wet play, lunchtime and many of you played with them in golden time.

It was brilliant to see Mrs Kerr joining in the domino madness too.

4D can you persuade me to keep the dominoes in our class or they will be leaving our room on Monday? 4P can you persuade me to put them in your room?

Mrs Daniels

Get Talking. Get Learning!

Literacy-This week you designed your own setting using Sumopaint.  This weekend think about your imaginary story.  How many settings will you need? Where will your main character live? How do they travel? Where will they visit?  You could use the Internet to find new settings.  Challenge yourself to draw and describe your own settings.  You could use Purple Mash, Sumopaint or draw them in your GTGL book. Remember to describe them in sentences too.


Phonics– Remember to read 10 minutes every day.  This weekend ask your family to challenge you to read and write all the red words.  How many do you know?  Use lots of different phonic books to really challenge yourself. 

Numeracy – Next week we are recapping the four operations.  We are going to be practising column addition, subtraction, the grid method and the chunking method.  This weekend challenge yourself to practise these methods.  Remember the more you practise the higher the challenge you can pick.  Ask your family to write you some questions like these:

234 + 569 =           382- 146=      15 x 18=         84 divided by 4=

Remember to use Mathletics to complete your homework.

Next week we are going to become ‘Amazing Artists’.  You are going to study some famous paintings to learn new techniques.  We are going to study Claude Monet and look at the technique pointillism. Be an Independent Enquirer and get researching. Learn about Pointillism and Claude Monet. 

Don’t forget to logon to Spellathon to make your own spelling Bee.  What will your pledge be?

This weekend get Blogging.  We would like everyone to write two amazing Blog Posts with different connectives and the correct punctuation.  We know you are using our Blog but we need to know what you want and what you like on the Blog.  Remember you are the Blog writers so if you want to write more get Blogging!

Bring in your GTGL books on Tuesday to share with us.  Get your bag packed this weekend.  You need PE kits, your library card and books, your blue reading journal and your real readers. 

If you are going to Edgmond Hall remember to keep bringing in some money as it is only 2 months away now!

Odd One Out by Waqar and Jed

In today’s morning activity we used A,B, C and D cards to decide which one is the odd one out and why.  We had to decide which one it was on the different tables using the cards then we had to share our ideas with each other.

Look at the pictures can you write which one you think is the odd one out?

Domino Madness


Bilal is helping 4D to develop their persistence and has started a new craze…Dominoes!  In honour of Bilal have a look at this video.  Are you ready for a tricky morning challenge Year 4?