Good to be Me


Here is the amazing video that you were all mesmerised by in Assembly.

Why is it good to be you?

I thought you would enjoy watching this video too.

Dance Videos

Year 4 worked in teams to plan, perform and record their own dances.  Their challenge was to turn the ‘Water Cycle ‘ into a dance.

What do you think Year 4?

Did they meet their goal?

Numeracy by Navdeep and Chetan

Today in numeracy we made a tally chart. There were 3 different challenges. 4P went to 4D and we asked how many hours do you spend watching films in month. I worked on challenge 3 the question was how many hours do you spend watching films in month? My total of people I asked was 31 people. The most was 15. In challenge 2 the question was how many films do you watch in a month? The most was 9. In challenge 1 there question was what is your favourite genre? The most was horror. Firstly we drew the tally chart. After that 4P went down to 4D and got their answers. Then when 4P got back into class we added our scores. Finally we did our reflective comment.

What tips would you give to someone if they were to create a tally chart?

Goal Scorer Sandip


 Crunch went the crispy, soft snow as I was walking to an amazing mountain. As I stomped along.

“Is that a red crimson rope I see?”  All of a sudden I saw it dangling beside me. “I must examine it,” I said.  As I pulled it down a world full of gloominess fell. I felt shocked.


Sandip has worked extremely hard on his finger spaces this week.  He has been named goal scorer because he asked Aniq to help edit his writing and up-levelled his punctuation.

Well done Sandip.

Difference in Numeracy

Today in numeracy we found out about differences. First we had to measure each other. We measured waists and heights using centimeters. Then we found the difference between our groups sizes like Aniqs height is 142cm and Jedaiahs is 147cm so Jedaiahs Is 5 more centimeters taller.

What differences did you calculate?


by Jed, Obaid and Aniq

Literacy by Sian

 In literacy this week so far we have been looking at play scripts. We have been reading play scripts, looking at stage directions and performing with them. We have looked at the scene from Charlie and the chocolate factory when Violet turns chews the magic gum. We now know how to write a play script, how to read a play script and to perform with them.

What role did you enjoy acting?

Which character would you like to be?

Lights, Camera, Action by Vanita, Navdeep and Ariana

Year 4 have started a topic called lights camera action. In this topic we will create and direct our own movies. On Monday, we watched short movies to steal ideas. Some of them were year fives and they were very cool! If you would have seen them then you would probably like them a lot. I hope that we get to use the video cameras to make our own films.

Here are some short films from last year. What ideas might you steal? What questions will you ask the celebrities in our press conference tomorrow?

4P's Goal Scorers and Players of the Match!

Congratulations to our goal scorers and player of the match this week. The standard of your ‘say no to name calling’ persuasive speeches were spectacular! Take a look at the comments below to take a peak at their fabulous writing…

Music with Mrs Myatt


I love your video and the way you were inspired by this video to create your own rainstorm.


I am really proud of you.  Have you enjoyed music?

Our imaginary stories by Sofina and Nathan.

In literacy this week we have been writing our stories and making our front covers. We have been editing and checking our work. We have been working so hard to finish and publish our work. Today we were writing the blurb and some children even did the front cover but some children have to take paper and decorate it at home.  We are going to be swapping the stories with 4D and read each others. We are going to be reading 4D and giving our opinions on each other’s work.  It was tough and okay and I can’t wait to read each other’s stories and comment and hopefully take them home and keep. We where reflecting on our work every day and trying to finish all three chapters. We have even put prices on for example £3.99! We asked a few pupils to see what they thought:

Navdeep:  I liked literacy because we started making our stories and I found it fun.  

Nathan: I found literacy amazing because we got to make our story it was so cool. I enjoyed making my story because I read Sofina’s so we could check each other’s.

Please write your thoughts by commenting. Thank you.