Glass ghost! By Greta

The rain cackled through a cracked window. The glass ghost’s dark, cutout eyes, which were shaped like shiny marbles, searched through creaky doors and windows. Her transparent, cracked glass skin shattered through walls. Shattered, then reformed. Shattered then reformed. Shattered then reformed. She was searching for her menacing sister. She was the reason she was dead.

King Kong by Olivia

The wind danced on King Kong’ s black fur. His immense fists, which were as big as basketballs, hit his fierce, strong chest. His bloody, powerful fangs bit into the Empire State Building. His red, raging eyes blinked with anger.




Roman Museum Extravaganza

Thank you so much to everyone who visited the Year 4 Roman Museum Extravaganzas on Wednesday 8th November or Thursday 9th November. The children really enjoyed sharing their knowledge interactively!

The Americas – Geography

We have started to learn about the Americas this week. Here are some links to explore:

North America:

Where is North America?

The Geography of North America:

A Map of the USA

South America:


Click the correct country on the map: