The Shiny Chalk by KB 4S – A Wishing Tale

A long time ago, there lived a shepherd boy named John, who took care of sheep on the plains of Jerusalem.  Day after day, John only got half a mango for his work.  One afternoon, a poor woman came to him.  She was very hungry and weak.  Although he had almost nothing to eat himself, John gave his mango to the poor woman generously.

“How kind of you!” stuttered the woman.

“Take this chalk as a gift.” John thanked the woman.

After he came back from work, he drew a flower.  Suddenly, the flowers became real and stayed in his garden.  John was shocked and realised that anything he drew became real!  Then, John drew some fresh grass and some other food and they became real too.  The animals ate until they were full.  Then, John drew a freshwater lake so the animals could drink.

Soon, the message spread far until it reached the king.  When the king heard about the powers of it, he said to John that he wanted a pile of gold.  John refused.

“How dare you refuse!” shouted the king.  “Guards! put this person in prison!”

Later that evening, he drew a prison key, tiptoed out of his cell and then drew a horse so he could get away.

When the king found out, he ran after John with his huge army.  Then, John drew a very deep hole in the ground.  The king thought he could just jump over the hole but right before the king jumped over, John quickly drew a huge, stone wall.  Then, the king fell to his death, never to be seen ever again.

John travelled far and wide to help all the poor people in Jerusalem.







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