Writing from a character’s perspective

Sixth Voice – Albert

One sunny day, I was feeling lethargic and woeful. After a couple of minutes, I saw dad open the drawer. I felt thrilled and a bit bewildered. It had been so long since we had a walk. Dad had been gloomy for 3 days. I hope this cheers him up.

The park was just across the road. I could see children playing and I could see an ice-cream van. I hope dad had some money. Dad went to sit at an old metal bench. Smudge went to play.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a striking looking pup. I wanted to be her BFF. I wondered what she liked. At first, she was a bit nasty so I tried to introduce my self. She did not have time, but, after a couple of minutes, she let me introduce myself.

“Do you wanna run so fast, you will be twice the speed of Usain Bolt?”.

Then I saw Smudge with a pal. His name was Charles. From the other side of the park, I could see dad waving at us. I think it was time to go home. We went home as happy as can be.


Written by Maxwell 3J

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