Postcards home from Egypt.

During our busy visit to Egypt we decided to write some postcards and send these to our families to tell them all about our adventure in Egypt. Here are some of these.

Dear Marcus,

I went to Egypt to see the enormous pyramid, you wouldn’t believe the weather it was scorching hot! I dont think you will want to go there because of the heat! Also I got to touch the sand and it was very soft. When we were on the boat sailing past we saw some buildings without any roofs. But when we first arrived we were sweaty and sticky like glue and my heart was beating very fast.

From Shazaib.

Dear Oliver,

 I am writing to you because today I travelled to Egypt it was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. To get there I travelled on a gigantic boat that was crystal white and shined brighter than bright. This boat could probably carry thousands of people.  When I arrived the air was mucky and quite sandy but most of all it was very, very HOT. So hot you could grill sausages in the air (not really). I could hear the birds whistling and oh what lovely tunes they played, and I could feel the slimy and gooey sweat slipping down my body (like I was going to melt). Well I will see you when I get back!

Bye from Kayana.

Dear Hader,

 I went to see the Pharaohs of Egypt and the huge Pyramids. I travelled on a fast boat and I could smell the fresh air. When I arrived it was sweaty and the weather was boiling.

Bye from Marcus.


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