Preparing for the Picnic

We have been writing and publishing poems for display in preparation for the picnic.

Please look at some of the comments becuaseĀ these are our published poems

9 thoughts on “Preparing for the Picnic

  1. My Limerick

    There was a monkey called Fudge
    In a fight he would never budge
    He would swing from tree to tree
    Untill he got stung by a bee
    Now he justs holds a grudge

  2. Try working this out

    I am an animal.
    I hunt at night.
    I am brown and white.
    I eat chickens.

    what am I?

  3. i bet you can’t get this one.
    i live in engaland.
    i eat honey.
    i somtimes steal som honey from bees.
    i snarl at anything that gets in my way.
    you wouldn’t see me much.
    i can fight the lions tigers and also kamodo dragons.
    what am i?

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