Police officers arrival

Unfortunately, the police officers couldn’t come because they had to deal with a robbery on the high street, so instead, in our Thinking Books we came up with some questions to ask the police officers so when they come in, we will know what to say. Here are some of the questions we want to ask:

1.What is your most scary,dangerous and life threatening mission?
2.What equipment do you carry?
3.Were you in the riots?
4.Do you get any hoax calls?
5.What inspired you to be a police officer?

What do you think there responses might be?

By Martell and Nabeel.

10 thoughts on “Police officers arrival

  1. I know what equipment they carry they have a Baton,handcuffs,bulletproof vest and a police helmet.

    I have a question.
    Do you like being a police officer?

  2. I know what equipment they carry they have a,handcuffs,bulletproof vest and a police helmet. They have a torch to see in the dark like night vision.

  3. I think the police officers will have been in some major emergencies. When are you aloud to tazer someone?

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