Diary of grandson’s memory

Dear my precious diary,
You will never believe what happened today! It all started when I was jumping on my bed like a kangaroo…Suddenly, I fell on my arm.BOOM!!!! I had fractured my arm,have you ever felt and excruciating pain?

The more the pain throbbed in my arm,the more granddad told me exceptionally bad jokes just to comfort me. Did you know, it was like a silver dagger stabbing at my heart? Seeing me on the floor crying, granddad rushed like a lightning bold just to make sure I was okay.

Because I was laying in granddad’s arms, he ran to the dreaded hospital. The doctor did a check up,then he left. Like an abandoned prisoner,I was left alone in the hospital ward.

Got to go, the doctor is here to give me an injection. I hope tomorrow will be better than today.

See ya!!!!

James xoxoxo

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