Chocolate factory homework by Iyka

Imagine a place with a divine smell. Imagine a place that had chocolate.Imagine a place that you won a golden ticket. This is a story about a chocolate factory…

From out of nowhere I appered into a chocolate factory. I was surprised and I was really happy. It felt like I was really there. I was going everywhere around the chocolate factory. I could see Mr Wonka from Charlie and the chocolate factory. There were all my friends there and other people that I didn’t know who they were.

When I  was looking at the beautiful stuff at the factory, I could see lots of chocolate there. My mouth was watering as if I was sweating. I really wanted the chocolate. I could hear  people talking and someone said to me “do you like the chocolate?” and I said yes. I could smell the delicious chocolate and I felt like having them on my own. I wish I was really there.

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