The Chocolate Factory By Alaiah

Imagine a place with a divine smell.  Imagine a place that had chocolate. Imagine you won a golden ticket.  Now this is a story of ” The Chocolate Factory…”

Out of no where I appeared in a chocolate factory.  I was so shocked! To find out I had won the golden ticket.  I was more than excited to go there, to the chocolate factory.

When I arrived at the chocolate factory, I was greeted by big golden gates, they almost looked like they were wrapped in the foil of a chocolate wrapper, how amazing!  The factory itself was huge, I can only imagine how much chocolate was made in there.  As I entered the colourful doors, the smell hit me.  It was delightful I have never smelt chocolate so delicous. As I looked around the enormous place I could hear the scumptious chocolate dripping from the water fountain, amongst the churning of the machinery working hard to produce that wonderful chocolate.  When I was about to have a pinch of the chocolate, I glimpsed Mr Willy Wonker from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory he warned me not to touch the chocolate.  After we looked around the first area of the factory Mr Willy Wonker took us on a boat ride to marvel at the machinery.  As I entered the boat I could see Umpalumpas in the distance, now that seemed like fun to me! I went on a chocolae slide, landing in a pool of milky chocolate very yummy, I enjoyed that.

As the trip ended I was grateful to be at the choclate factory, I enjoyed my experience there I would love to go again.  My friends, who were smaller than me, enjoyed the trip too. 


6 thoughts on “The Chocolate Factory By Alaiah

  1. Well done Alaiah. This is an excellent piece of writing. I can smell and taste the chocolate when I read it.

    Miss Haywood

  2. I like how you have used an Imagine x3 to start off, lots of adjectives and I like how you’ve used a complex sentence 😀

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