Cadbury World by Venita Johal

On Thursday we went to Cadbury World. We went by a coach. When we got there it was raining so we quickly met this man and he told us all about chocolate. After that we tasted some chocolate we had it in a cup and we had marshmellows and jelly babies and much more.Then went on  a ride it was really good because there was a camera and we did not know it was there and at the end there was a tv on the wall and I saw my picture. I stuck my tongue out.  Everyone was laughing at me because I did that.  At the end we had lots of chocolate and I munched it all the way home.


3 thoughts on “Cadbury World by Venita Johal

  1. Hi Venita!

    I’ve never been or taken my children to Cadbury’s World – is it worth going?


    Mr M!

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