The chocolate factory by Amana

I was there at the factory with the owner Icouldn’t believe I won the golden ticket but the only thing was my friends would not talk to me because they were jealous.After all I won the last golden ticket  I am so happy that I won the last golden ticket the other four were Kate,Ashley, Jonah and Liam.I could smell the delicious aroma of the chocolate. I could hear the hard working  workers. I could see the walls that you could taste I could taste the air of the chocolate.As Iworked my way around the factory, all the children vanished. All that was left was dad, me and all the parents. I asked willy wonka”why has all the children vanished? ” He replied lightly “you don’t need to worry because you are the winner and you get to own the factory “oh goody do you have a phone I screamed!” He replied slowly “yes of course go phone your family and tell them to bring their stuff.”




have you ever been to a chocolate factory?

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