How to save somone’s life

In class we learnt what DR ABC stands for “D” stands for dangerous. we have to check whether it is safe to go and help  for instance someone who just got ran over, you would have to check if it was save to cross the road. ” R” is for response you have to talk to them to see if they are conscious or not conscious. ” A” is for airway to see if they are still getting air. “B” is for breathing to check if you are breathing. We also learnt how to save someone’s life if they were chocking.  So say if you were sitting at a table in KFC, and the person who was sitting on a table opposite you was chocking on a object. first you would say “are you chocking?” if the person nodded, you wold have to give them to five back blows, if that does not work  then give them up to five adominal thrusts I that is no good then call the ambulance in case you don’t know the number it  is 999.


by Aleena Akhtar


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