Heroic Jim saves the day

Yesterday Jim Steventon, 32, was awarded the most honnorable and prestigous medal for rescuing Red Riding Hood from a devious, vicious wolf.

Mr Steventon battled the monsterous, deadly beast after hearing an ear peircing scream.

Jim was chopping trees as usual when bhe heard a scream. The scream was coming from a cottage that the wolf had headed to. The woodcutter kicked the door open and ran quickly, straight to the bedroom and grabed Red Riding Hood and her granmother from the jaws of the terrifying beast.

Jim killed the wolf.

” I am proud of my self for saving that innocent girl and of her granmother.”

Jim said

” I did not know what was going on but I did what anyone else would of done, I am just glad that they are safe.”

He added that he felt verry honnored to recieve an award from her majesty Snow White.

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