Mr Stink’s on TV

Is anyone watching Mr Stink on BBC 1 this evening? I’ve recorded it to watch when I get back to Birmingham. Let me know what you think! Mr M!

12 thoughts on “Mr Stink’s on TV

  1. I have been watching Mr stink on BBC i player on my iPod. It is really funny. If you missed it on TV then watch it on iPlayer its really fun to watch.

  2. Me too Sawaira! I think it’s really good and now I understand how and where vagobonds (Tramps) survive hmm…. maybye I’ll do a project about it. Do you think it would be a good idea Mr M?

  3. That was soooooooo cool! I really enjoyed the movie! I watched it on my iPod my brother watched it on his iPad and my mum watched it on T.V(I don’t blame her)!
    There were some changes to the film like…
    Rosamund was called Pippa.
    Mr Stink met(and burped on)Pippa in the COFFEE SHOP,not on the road.
    And finally…
    Chloe was said to have been quite fat in the book but in the film,she was not at ALL fat!
    Did you watch the film,Mr M? Did you like it?
    3 questions for everybody…
    What was your favourite part in the film?Is there anything you don’t like about the film? Overall,how would you rate this film out of 5 stars?
    Eeshah X

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