Outdoor adventure at Calthorpe Haven

Today, at Calthorpe Haven we had a jam packed outdoor adventure P.E lesson. The P.E lesson involved some really hard activities, team work was the key to successfully winning the challenges. The first challenge was to turn the tarpaulin upside down, the only problem was we were all stood on it.
Next we did something called orienteering, which is when you use a map to find a code. Once you had found all the letters for the code you had to rearrange them to make a well known phrase. That phrase was its not fair and that’s the name of our topic.
Finally, we played another team work game which was using 2 small hoops to get five people across the field.

Take a look at us having fun.


15 thoughts on “Outdoor adventure at Calthorpe Haven

  1. I’m glad that you enjoyed. Miss Thomas ssays that it is possible to turn the tarpaulin over whilst you are all stood on it, so get thinking about other techniques that you could use.

  2. This P.E was really fun but the challenge was really hard my team nearly turned the tarpaulin over but we didnt it was to hard and we played the lilly pad game and my team nearly got to the end but we had to stop i like to play the lilly pad game and we played the fish game where 4 people are on and they have to get you before you get to the other side of the play area.

  3. I really enjoy P.E and having fresh air but I would like to do it at Calthorpe Haven instead it makes it fun 5DH go to calthorpe haven id out class go then it will be even better.

  4. I really enjoy P.E but the tarpulin challenge was really hard but i think we worked well as a team to try and succeed in this challenge. I relly like the lily pad game and i really want to play it again.

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