Edgmond week at school

What we did at Calthorpe Haven 


We played some team work games using hula hoops and skipping ropes.


  • We did the game where you and a partner hold one end of a skipping rope, one partner has to close their eyes and the other has to lead them.
  •    For the hula hoop game we did some practice for a race. We held hands in a circle and had to pass the hoop without breaking the circle.  Then we saw who could pass the hula hoop the fastest. After Mrs Pye added one more hoop to our circle and we had to pass two around.

What we did after?


We went back to school. Mrs pye split the class into two groups. One half made mountain models and the other half completed clues to complete an escape room game.

Congratulations Bearwood Crew

Congratulations to the Bearwood Crew Dance Club. This year, you have worked really hard and Mrs Sibley is very proud of you. Please take a look at the videos of our most recent performances.

The first was originally performed at the Walsall Arts Centre and the second one is a performance of the routines we have worked throughout the year at Dance Club. Well done!

Forest School Fun

Map making: We walked to Forest School and then folded an A3 piece of paper to make two sides of a map. Then we hid 6 cards in different places, marking them on the map for others to find.

Tarpaulin activity: We were in two teams and we had to race against each other to see who could turn the tarpaulin over first without getting out of it or falling over.