Sana and Sabina Avatar story

Imagine a place where strange creatures live and attack for no reason, where trees and bushes come alive , where houses are purple ,this is a story of that place.
“Hurry up Rosy“ It’s time for your mission to go to Pandora yelled Jess the boss.
Reluctantly and nervously, Rosy made her way to the machine that was about to turn her into an avatar. Her heart was thumping loudly in her head and her hands were sweating.

Even though she was very nervous she was also extremely excited about what she would encounter on her mission to Pandora. Rosy slowly put her legs onto the machine.
“Don ‘t worry Rosy it won ‘t hurt you “ said Jess . Frightened , shocked , surprised Rosy lay down on the machine that would transport her into Pandora . Quick as a flash Jess pushed the button sending Rosy into the unknown.
She tried to stand up and she couldn’t walk. Eventually she managed to stumble to her feet and she stared all around Pandora . Rosy explored Pandora. She could see trees The branches on the trees reached across and tapped Rosy on the shoulder. She turned round and there was nothing there but as she raised her head one of the trees was flying through the bright blue sky. Rosy gazed in amazement at the sight of a tree flying. The animals were strange and the houses were purple . I could hear somebody shouting roar. What was that noise? It was like people stamping. Rosy turned her head around and she saw a gigantic dinosaur . The dinosaur jump on the other side and Rosy stand still. The dinosaur rode and Rosy run to the helicopter.

21 thoughts on “Sana and Sabina Avatar story

  1. I enjoyed reading your story it was really intreasting the imangine intro really hooked me in and wanted to find out. But I did`nt understand the part where the houses are purple you called say that the house`s where coulerfull.

  2. This is a very lovely story and i enjoyed reading it. I think you have tryed really hard and i think it is fab. Star: I like your 3ed sentence. Wish: Check you work makes sence. I really love it anyway.

  3. well done sana and sabina you have really worked hard on this i enjoyed my self reading it i love it also i loved it 🙂

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