Missing pens

Our elf has been inspired by some of the greatest women in history – to be the first elf to fly to the moon. Unfortunately, he decided to take our whiteboard pens with him!

Elf Mischief

Our elf on a bookshelf is busy recommending books and causing mischief.

Elfino – now wants to be known as Arrr-fino as he enjoyed reading pocket pirates and wants to swap a sleigh for a pirate ship!

Forest Faces Y3

We made some monster faces in the forest using salt free dough. The dough had to be salt free so that it wouldn’t harm wildlife.

Have a look at our pictures and tell us what you think.

Learning at home

Most Bearwood pupils will be working from home next week.

Year 4 lessons will be shared through Google Classroom and teachers will be answering any questions and marking work.

If your child does not have their Google Classroom password – please email the school and we will send it to you.