Adaptation documentaries

This is our first attempt to use our newly acquired filming and editing skills on our own.

For some reason the videos are slightly too large when embedded in the blog so the right hand side is chopped off. If you click the title of the video (on top left hand corner of screen) you can view it at the vimeo site you can see it in full size.

What do you think?






52 thoughts on “Adaptation documentaries

  1. (: I loved all the films. It was fantastic and I loved Mya’s. She was a good actress and I loved when she was telling us lots of things.

  2. I really enjoyed all year four’s film clips. I think you could all get a job as a journalists when you are older! Keep up the great work.

  3. Rayan is very impressive as Professor in the video. I enjoyed watching it and learning interesting facts about the penguins. The other videos are very good as well.

  4. Wow wow wow that was so so good 😀 I wonder what the penguins are going to be like please comment on ours please 😀 ;D

  5. all the video are so good they give you lots of information. What a lot of information. I liked the one about the penguins most but they were all good. I liked the oen about the camel it was realy good I would like you to put more on please they are really good.

  6. The first video I watched was the one about the Camel how it has its water in it humps that was really good information !! You need more information about these animals but it was really good !!

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