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If you click on the link on the right hand side link that says ‘Bearwood TV’ then you can see all of our wonderful programmes.

This is a newly launched channel so keep checking for new programmes!

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  1. I think so too I cant imagine what are short movie/programme it is going to be like and what idears we are are going to use.I realy love that the teachers have chosen charliy and the chocolate factory to write about because I always wene I was litle I wached it all the time on the televison .I espesholy love that we can make up are own charictors. great idears.

  2. I think bearwood tv is going to be cool and it will be a good way to show all of our short films and other things that we have learnt 🙂 🙁

  3. Bearwood TV is a really cool way to our show all our stuff that we have made in our classroom.when more people write it will get cooler and cooler.Also we can show all the amazing video’s that we have made with our super teacher miss martindale!If we could make a video for the whole class at the singing at the christmas carol and we could sing christmas calypso at the chruch. If everyone heard, they would all here are outstanding voices. 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 🙁 🙂 :-[

  4. I think your all right and bearwood t.v is going to be amazing if theres actually going to be anthink on here or are we just going to comment!:) 🙂 🙂

    1. There are already videos on here! You need to click on bearwood tv on the right hand side of the main page to see them, not at the top or you will just see the comments. When we make our films we will out them on too.

  5. Max they are there i just went on it do you know where clusrt map is if you look up a bit you will see another bearwood t.v and radio!! 🙂

  6. im bismah’s cozien plz me friends wiv me mya bismah talled me aboute u Lol bye luv.. and im not from bearwood primary im from wesminister primary school

    bye luv ya all
    done by sidra noor rashid

  7. I enjoyed and loved grace in the bearwood crew and i loved the singing and drumming
    i enjoyed the moms dads and children watching us perform the whole event was really enjoyable and it made me really happy
    by becky 4g

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