Haiders homwork rain forest facts

Over 40 different kinds of animals live in rain forests. Most of them are rare and beautiful. There is 1500 flowers in a rain forest.  There are 400 species of birds and 150 species of butterflies. Half of the worlds animals live in rain forests. Scientists haven’t researched all the plants in the rain forest yet. 25 percent of the medicines come from rain forests. Rain forests are diapering quickly. 20,00 people live in rain forests. Which are in bad condition. The yanomi is the biggest tribe. The tribes have gone to talk to talk to the out sides before. They live in northern Brazil. Many tribes of amazon are very diverse in the culture, language and heritage. There is 180 different languages  spoken by these people.They gather food from the rain forest and many believe in animal ism this a believe that animal spirits are in everything.

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