Players of the Match 24.1.2012


Firstly the avatar told Jake to go and get an alien looking dragon with eyes as beaming as a light. Then he ambushes the alien then suddenly he gets leaped into the air and only one hand on high cliff while the other avatars are laughing with cheer. Then he got back up on his two huge, long feet standing an enormous ten or eleven foot tall, luckily he puts his feet against the alien’s mysterious mouth also he yanked his hair out of the beaming, bright, blue avatar connecting his hair to the bright, green elastic wire making the alien his pet.

Flying back to his avatar team, his avatar friend joins him on the quest to get to his avatar team. Finally success! He reaches his group or team. Everybody shocked that Jake has got his own alien but trouble is coming. The Humans are attacking the avatars with their huge robot machines but help is on their way the fierce aliens attack the robots! This totally destroyed them. Jakes friend avatar destroys the last robot with her blazing shar spear.



Firstly there is a person called Avatar and he met a person called Jack. he was Avatars amazing ,fantastic friend .Avatars trusted Jake for anything .luckily  Jake fought the dragon .He bravely stepped in the parallel dimension but he had to do it very carefully.

Finally he met the undefeated dragon but obviously he defeats it or he doesn’t defeats it yet .So he steps forwards. He charges at the dragon rapidly, grabbing his hair.

In addition he attached it to his hair .If I was there I would say what a coincidence .It would be anyway. Jake fell in the middle of the cliff because the dragon pulled him off.






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