Could you live here?

8 thoughts on “Could you live here?

  1. It looks very hard to live there, The weather looks awful however the tents look very cossy. The penguins look like they are having a fab time in the winter wonderland, still I dont know how scientests cope. If I went there to do whatever I want I would have a go at swimming in the ice-cold waters. This clip is very fun to watch and we would like too see more amazing vidieos.

    1. Only amazing swimmers could swim there because it is very deep and cold. Scientests can cope there because they mostly stay inside plus when they go outside they wear many lairs. B) 🙂 😀 BD

  2. It is completely impossible to live in the Antarctic. Even with the best gear in the world you can’t! Scientists don’t live there, they learn more about Antarctic. Only the animals in the video except scientists live there. Hope you like my information! 😀

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