All about Giraffes. Karolina and Harjun

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.985522&w=425&h=350&fv=sessid%3Dnull%26pvt%3D0%26doc%3Dkarolinaandharjun-110127140359-phpapp01%26version_no%3D1296159102%26presentationId%3D6723403%26totalSlides%3D4%26startSlide%3D1%26inContest%3D0%26preview%3Dno%26fullscreen_bg_color%3DWhite%26stitle%3Dkarolina-and-harjun%26userName%3DJenniferMartindale%26has_form%3Dnull%26form_after_slide_number%3Dnull%26form_is_blocking%3Dfalse%26hostedIn%3Dslideshare%26page%3Dslideview%26useHttp%3D1%26rel%3D1%26autoplay%3D0%26isAudio%3D0]

7 thoughts on “All about Giraffes. Karolina and Harjun

  1. I ddin’t know about the postion of a giraffes eyes. Very interesting! I got a bit confused when the slide show kept shwoing links to other sites. Was that where you did you research?

  2. Slideshare (which we use to upload powerpoints so they can be embedded in the blog) automatically generates links to similar slideshows at the end. The kids didn’t put these links in. Miss Martindale.

  3. Thats right Miss Martindale you put our slideshows onto a website called slideshhare and thats a better way to view the powerpoints. Also yes Max Karolinas and Harjuns slide show looks very proffetional the way its set out.

  4. These are some realy good facts about Giraffs.I don’t know if that was the right spelling.I think I might make an animal book and go on here and use all the information.

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