Some brilliant numeracy lessons. By Zara

This week in numeracy we have been learning all about 3d shapes and their properties.
On Monday we started with 2d shapes. We were sorting the shapes into Venn and Carroll diagrams. Some of us chose to work with Miss sorting the shapes into hoops and others chose to work independently and choose their own ways to sort.
Yesterday we had to describe the properties of 3d shape. Some of chose to use blu tack to cound the faces, edges and vertices on diferent shapes. Others chose to solve a puzzle where you had to match the description to the correct shape. Others decided to make their own puzzle up for a partner.

Today in numeracy we have had a fantastic time! We have been visualising 3D shapes.Aso we picked a card with a shape name and made 3D models from straws and modelling clay to show we could visualise different shapes in our minds.
Everybody had brilliant fun! We had to use great team work today too.

Tomorrow we are going to make christmas decorations that are different 3d shapes when we work in santa’s workshop!

6 thoughts on “Some brilliant numeracy lessons. By Zara

  1. Thank you Zara For such a full post about your numeracy this week. I can see from the pictures that you were all really focused on the work. Love the idea of making the shapes too!

  2. That sounds extramly fun to make a santas workshop tommorow I cant wait. Your right Zara we have had a super fun weekso far of 3d shapes innumeracy and I bet theres more!

  3. i enjoyed it when we used the art straws and clay to make the 3d shapes they all looked reaaly good in my group ( Bismah ,mya ,zara ) we made a square based prymaid and trianglur prism we needed to make sure that all the sides were the same length. it was also fun making the boxes you needed to be patient with the glueing but it was still fun. i also enjoyed it when we had to sort the 2d shapes into a venn and carol digrams
    you could sort them into:
    . irreggluer and regglur
    . line of symetyry or line of symettrey
    . quadrlatril or not a quadratril

    irregluur means when the shapes sides arent staight
    regglur means when the sides are straight

    i had fun this week learning about 2d shapes and 3d sahpes. i have learnt a lot

  4. Yes zara the post is write it was a brilliant numeracy lesson! Yes zara we did do good in our group making the 3D shapes.It was a bit figgety when we had to stick the art straws on the clay but at the end we all got there!I think making the cylinder was the hardest because it would be a bit figgety making 2 two circles one at the top and one at the bottom so we(Bismah,Zara and Mya)didn’t do that one!!!3D shapes are reallt interesting to me!!! 🙂 🙂 😉 😉

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