Get talking, get learning!

Please rehearse your songs for the christmas concert over the weekend.

Literacy: We will be reading an creating our own winter imagery poetry. Please revise what the terms simile, metaphor and personification mean. Do a search online and find some poems about winter and snow. If you have any books with winter poems then please bring these to share at school. You could of course type a poem up as a comment on this post.

Use the pictures below to write some snow similes.


Numeracy: We will be learning about 2d and 3d shapes this week. Later in the week you will be using your knowledge of nets and 3d shapes to make some christmas decorations.

Topic: Time to finish filming and edit the films! Pleasethink of a design over the weekend for the cover of your dvd.

7 thoughts on “Get talking, get learning!

  1. i cant wait until we do the DVD covers on monday
    also i cant wait until we learn about shapes i know lots of shapes
    . circle
    . hexagon
    . nonegon
    . decagon
    . square
    . rectangle
    . triangle

    also i know parrel lines. i know 2d and 3d shapes

    also i cant wait until we make the christmas decratoins

    and i love poetry and poems excpecially winter poems some maybe be about

    . snow
    . snowman
    . frost
    . ice
    and maybe more

  2. Cant possibly wait for the singing in the church and all of the rest of the fasinating lessons were going to do for the rest of the week.

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